Re: [stella] Invaders update! - inv-beta.bin

Subject: Re: [stella] Invaders update! - inv-beta.bin
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 00:44:43 GMT
>No shit!  Also, I find myself occasionally entranced by the dazzling
>effects a bug can produce on-screen, losing many hours of valuable
>coding time ;)

Heh, reminds me of many hours spent frying the VCS to get weird effects =)
And the thing never broke.. still hooked up to this day - its outlived
three different TVs =)

As for more recent weird effects, I was trying to add the saucer to my
game... I coded the display routine and set up its data bytes so that it
would just get displayed in the middle of the screen.  Worked fine on PC
Atari, but it just displayed a vertical bar the color of the saucer on the
real thing.  (nothing else at all onscreen, just that bar).  Took me a
while to figure out that I had stored the saucer graphics across location
$FFF8, so the program was hitting the Supercharger's bankswitching hardware
and crashing.
>> Seriously, does this game look like a viable addition to the 2600's library
>> (when finished, of course) ?
>Sure thing.  That's a lot of shooting you got going on there.  I'm
>enjoying the beta version already.

Cool.  Once I get the saucer finished, I'm pretty sure the classic Space
Invaders strategies will work.. leave four or five columns on the right, a
gap of two or three columns, and a single invader on the left.. shoot
300-point saucers through that "safe" gap till the invaders reach the last
row before landing (where they can't shoot you), then kill them.

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