Re: [stella] Invaders update! - inv-beta.bin

Subject: Re: [stella] Invaders update! - inv-beta.bin
From: Lee Seitz <lkseitz@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 17:45:13 -0500 (CDT)
Erik Mooney boldly stated:
>Well, I've been hard at work on this thing, and its ready for another
>evaluation by you guys.  New features:
>- Invaders now animated!  Each type of invader can cycle through 6 frames
>of animation.  (must be 6 frames, though it can repeat a 2-frame sequence
>three times.)  Thanks to all who helped with that concept.  Do the middle
>two rows of invaders look silly?  If so, how should I change them?

They don't look too silly.  You might have them change every frame
instead of every other.  The top row looks a little silly until it
gets fast.  (Just my opinion.)

>- Shields implemented!  They're on the small side, but I really can't
>enlarge them any.

I think they're fine.  Have you considered an extra game variation
without shields?  It would provide another difficulty level for good

>Shields disappear when the invaders reach that level.

And reappear when all the invaders on that level are shot.  (Until
another row gets down that far.)  You might want to fix that. 

>- Keeps score!  Well, it's a flat 10 points per invader at the moment, =
>but it's a start =3D)

Yes it is!

>  Also, my score-displaying routine is hardcoded to =
>display a zero as the ones digit (it's always that way in the game.)

I think that's fine.  It beats the Pac-Man method of changing the
scores to ones instead of tens.  You might want to fix it so that the
player two score is only displayed in two-player mode, though.

>- Invader-bomb routine reworked.  When a bomb is dropped, it has a 50-50
>chance of being dropped at random or being dropped near the player.  =

Sounds good to me.

>- Difficulty switches toggle between autofire and manual fire.  (B =3D
>autofire, A =3D press button once for each shot)

Sounds good, but I haven't tested it yet.

>The rates of player fire and
>invader fire are close to that of the arcade, though not exact.

And I'd say it's an improvement.  The games a little harder now (which
is good).

>This worked on PC Atari and on a 4-switch system with Supercharger.. as
>always, huge thanks to all that helped... comments welcome!

This version works fine on my 2600 Jr.  No phantom lines!

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