Re: [stella] Another emulator... for C64?

Subject: Re: [stella] Another emulator... for C64?
From: Adam White <awhite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 May 97 11:18:46 PDT
Robin Harbron on Thu, 01 May 97 05:38:11 PDT wrote...

> I've been trying to figure out whether
> I could make a 2600 emulator for my
> 64 - mind you, this isn't a stock 64.
> It's got a board called a SuperCPU,
> a 20Mhz 65816 that emulates a 6502
> and gets along surprisingly well
> with the 1Mhz host machine.

I don't think the C64 could ever emulate a 2600.  The 2600 had 128 colors and the C64 only has 16.  You could try dithering to simulate the colors but that wouldn't look too good.

Being a C64 programmer from way back and having looked at everything going on in this group (I still don't have time to tackle my first 2600 programming project) I just can't see the C64 being able to do it.

Does anyone else have any comments?


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