Re: [stella] Another emulator... for C64?

Subject: Re: [stella] Another emulator... for C64?
From: Robin Harbron <macbeth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 13:50:18 -0400
> I don't think the C64 could ever emulate a 2600.  The 2600 had 128 colors and the C64 only has 16.  You could try dithering to simulate the colors but that wouldn't look too good.

I did think about that... I think I'd just be trying to do a best fit
the 16 possible colours.  With more effort, flash colours (interlaced
alternating between two different colours on alternate frames) could be
to make an even closer match.  I tend to think of this as a cosmetic
but nothing that would stop it from working.

> Adam
> awhite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robin Harbron

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