[stella] Another emulator... for C64?

Subject: [stella] Another emulator... for C64?
From: Robin Harbron <macbeth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 08:38:11 -0400
I've been trying to figure out whether
I could make a 2600 emulator for my
64 - mind you, this isn't a stock 64.
It's got a board called a SuperCPU,
a 20Mhz 65816 that emulates a 6502
and gets along surprisingly well
with the 1Mhz host machine.

I've heard that there is C source
available for a 2600 emulator -
I haven't located it yet.  Is it
available for download, or does
it have to be requested from the
author?  Thanks for any help.

Robin Harbron

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