[stella] New Game Development

Subject: [stella] New Game Development
From: David Conrad Schweinsberg <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 19:15:44 +0100

Just to let you know that yet another person is at work on a 2600 VCS

I've been getting a feel for the 2600 (in programming terms) since Feb.
this year, and after some initial experiments, I'm embarking upon an
original title.  It is an action/adventure thing, with gameplay perhaps
reminiscent of Impossible Mission (but quite different otherwise).  I'm
intentionally going for quite an ambitious design - I want to try and
really stretch the possibilities.

The working title is 'Droid', and initial development is in PAL (I'm based
in the UK) - and I won't be releasing any preliminary binaries until I've
finished setting up my hardware testbed (i.e. until I finish building my
SRAM cartridge :-)

Timeframes: well, because I'm trying to do so much there is the strong
potential that it'll never be finished.  I do want to avoid this
possibility, so perhaps I'll compromise on some of my ambitions in exchange
for an actual release!  I'll aim for a release by Spring '98 (re. Glenn
Saunders' comment ;-).  I'd like to release some preliminaries for gameplay
testing purposes - if it is supposed to be 'action' I want to get the
dynamics right - this will hopefully happen by August.

A project home page will be constructed shortly, and I'll publish details

As a final comment - it has been really fun getting back into 6502 - but
the 2600 is much more mind-bending than anything I did on the Commodore 64.
 If there happen to be any 2600 developers or enthusiasts in the west
London area, who would enjoy 'geeking out' over a couple of pints, send me
a message!

Happy cycle counting.

David C. Schweinsberg

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