[stella] 2600 programs,

Subject: [stella] 2600 programs,
From: Colin_Hughes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 16 Jun 97 12:15:49

The Tetris26 was posted last week, and I've had some feedback about it ( 
it plays to quickly on a real VCS and the text colours don't come out in 
PAL ) and I'll make some changes and post it again sometime this week.
I've also started work on a 3D maze game, kind of capture the flag meets 
doom. It's quite early at the moment, I have the corridoor display 
kernal operating, and I'm working on the code to display monsters at 
different sizes. I've got a feeling that this one wont fit into 2K.
I'm also going to try my hand at a shooting game, because I always enjoy 
them, ( I actually played 2600 Phoenix and the real arcade Phoenix via 
the relative emulators and I think the 2600 version is damm good )


( Colin_Hughes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx )

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