RE: [stella] Atari Life

Subject: RE: [stella] Atari Life
From: Matt Pritchard <MPritchard@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 21:59:06 -0500
> Look for it under the Atari name for it -- Surround.
> As I remember, the resolution of Surround was *very* lo-res... just
> checked it out -- it's a 40x20 matrix...somewhat small for a *good*
> game of life, but maybe you can get something to work...
> Uhmm.. a 40 x 20 display takes up 100 of 128 available bytes (5 bytes
> per line x 20 lines).  I seem to recall Video Life by Commavid, but
> who actually has seen one?   Life traditionally requires a copy of the
> screen to work correctly, but since we lack 72 extra bytes, I think a
> "floating" update window of 3 or 5 lines will work.

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