Re: [stella] Supercharger RAM - why the reluctance??

Subject: Re: [stella] Supercharger RAM - why the reluctance??
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 16:48:23 -0400 (EDT)
In article <Pine.BSI.3.95.970618082225.7661C-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, you wrote:
>200 bytes is hardly taking full advantage of SC RAM, although it's small
>enough if you wanted to go with a RAM-PLUS cart configuration.

Ack! Too much trouble. Unless it's a 2K or 4K game that Randy can 
assemble on cart for me, going with a special cart configuration
would be more trouble than I'd care to engage in. The Supercharger would
be the simplest way to go. 

Oh... and I made a slight error too... at 4 scanlines your cell grid would
ne 40x48, giving you 1920 bits, or 240 bytes to babysit. Only a tiny chip off
the Supercharger's 6K but I still think it would be easier to use the
Supercharger than to go the RAM-PLUS route.

Dan has got plenty of them, and a good portion of the RGVC crowd has one.
Heck, you sold 300 some odd Stella CDs with demand for more so there's
got to be quite a few people out there who want games for the Supercharger.

>Someone may want to disassemble Surround and figure out how it was done

There's a plan... it shouldn't be too hard. If I can figure out how to
draw a picture with playfield graphics the more adept of us should easily be
able to figure out how to realtime draw playfiled graphics with non-mirrored
screen halves.

I still think I'd go playfield for this game and use the sprites for
other interesting additions to the games (virii, bacteria, food, excretia and
other variations that the original didn't have).

>> As for releasing games on Supercharger CD... man, those burners are really
>> starting to come down in price! Might soon be able to home spin them
>> as easily as cassettes.
>It's such a waste, though, to burn a single game on a CD-R.
>Media is $7 a disc.

At $7 a disc it's still cheaper than $11 a cartridge. You'd be able to
sell the game for less than, or the same price as a cartridge game
and make a profit.

The nice thing about cartridges, though, is that somebody else takes
care of the orders, distribution, and manufacturing. This is great if you
don't have much time on your hands. But if you have the time, burn as you
go CDs could still be an option.

Besides... I'm sure the CD-R media will begin to drop in price.
Especially with DVD-R around the corner.

                         (media madness from hell!!!)


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