Re: [stella] Arkanoid clones

Subject: Re: [stella] Arkanoid clones
From: Scott Kelley <zu03776@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 97 22:45:31 -0500
>It seems like everyone and his brother is writing a Tetris clone for the
>Another good game to use as a first effort would be an Arkanoid clone.
>There are a few breakout games for the 2600, but no Arkanoid games.

I would like to mention that Off the Wall, a late Atari game, is a 
semi-clone of Arkanoid, with various powerups and ball flavors.

I wanted to think of a good game that would fit in 2k of space, and reuse 
all these Combat carts that are floating around; but, alas, no good ideas 
have surfaced yet.

I would also mention that if you bought the PC (maybe the Mac) Activision 
packages, there is a built-in debugger that comes with the emulator.  Go 
to the directory where you installed it, and run the 2600emu.exe program. 
 There's some extra menus that pop up (while it runs Pitfall!) that are 
non-functional (like reading carts from somewhere), but the debugging 
window still works.  Not that we need to know how Pitfall! works, but 
it's still neat.

Do you think we could get Activision to release the whole development 
kit?  :)

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