R: [stella] ethics

Subject: R: [stella] ethics
From: "Piero Cavina" <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 18:44:19 +0200
> I once though of a software "wrapper" to be used to prevent piracy.  It's
> something to think about.  Most shareware requires a registration key to
> enable its full features.  If you wrapped your .BIN in a special version
> of makewav that contains a decrypter with registration-key encryption,
> then you could enable your copy (permanently) and when you double click
> it, it would then automatically load into your Supercharger.  You'd never
> get a BIN to copy.  It would also link to your drive so that if you
> attempted to copy it it would go dead

hmmm... couldn't a pirate could buy a copy, record/sample the audio signal
and turn this into a .bin again...?

> Piero should consider going that way if he makes a 6K enhanced version of
> Oystron.  The game is commercial quality and I see no reason why he
> shouldn't ask to be paid for his hard work.  Noone is going to go
> from having to keep up with the constant flow of new 2600 software.

Sincerely, I like what Bob Colbert has done with Okie Dokie.
It's free, and the .bin is easily available, but there have been also carts
(not free I think :)
In this way Bob has made his program available to the largest public, and
(I hope :) he didn't lose any money to have the carts manufactured.
Who owns a Supercharger can enjoy the real game, otherwise there's the
cart. And those that like the game, don't have a SC and are so lazy to buy
the cart or a SC, can still play it on the emulators.

This is exactly the opposite of Ed's choice, which I respect but don't
really agree with. I may be wrong, and this is especially a matter of
preferences, but I prefer the fact that my game can be enjoyed by the
largest number of classic videogames enthusiasts, to the money I could make
from it if it wasn't free.

There's also another problem with commercial-only projects...: how could
one share with the other people on this list the code he's working on, if
it can't be distributed?
All our .bins are currently available to the world from the "biglist"
archives... so Oystron would be already burned anyway :-)


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