Re: [stella] Virtual Pet

Subject: Re: [stella] Virtual Pet
From: Greg Miller <gmiller@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 11:50:02 -0500
Piero Cavina wrote:
> At 10:50 -0400 15-09-1997, crackers@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Well, I went and bought a virtual pet this weekend. Not because I wanted one,
> >but for purely scientific research. ;)
> For the first time, I support vivisection... :-)

I think that's what's wrong with the world... not enough vivisections being
performed on animals, people, and consumer electronics. If people were more
willing to perform vivisections, there'd be less need for divorce and prison
space... less overpopulation... erm, never mind.

> >Here's an example of some of the english in the manual for my pet.
> I thought mine was bad BEFORE reading that manual!

My favorite e-mails of all time was part of an argument with a guy named
Wilbur Streett on, it started off: "You real think what
you have be saying is facts and logic?"

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