[stella] Virtual Pet

Subject: [stella] Virtual Pet
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 10:50:18 -0400 (EDT)
Well, I went and bought a virtual pet this weekend. Not because I wanted one,
but for purely scientific research. ;)

After studing this wee beastie it seems to me that this will be a very simple
project to programme for someone like me, so I'm going to have at it every
spare minute I get in the next little while.

Of course.... every spare minute is about to become much rarer since any 
time now our house could be blessed with a very non-virtual baby. ;)
(Oi! The last week of waiting is the worst!)

In any case, I've come up with some function ideas not present on my
model of virtual pet that I'd like to impliment on the Stella Virtual pet.
But there's one aspect of the virtual pet that I just don't think I'll
be able to properly emulate on the 2600.... the "engrish" in the manual.
Here's an example of some of the english in the manual for my pet.


Time should be set when starting the game. Then the power on, the time
will be default as 12:00am and then flash by 1 second.

Press Key B to show the time then press Key D to show the age, wight [sic],
education hungry and feeling.

The cross in the top right hand corner indicate illness, so need the 

Guess for greater or less of the dice.

If the dinosaur call help unreasonably, then need to switch on the
heather [sic].

While alerting and waste appear on the display, you need to cleaning up
the dinosaur.

The status of the dinosaur. It will show the age, wight, education, hungry
and feeling.

The dinosaur will shout if it is hungry, want to play, waste is existed,
too cold or sick.

Once the pet is born, its live clock is started and older by 1 everyday.
The maximum age of pet is 8 years old. It's shapes is different at age
0,1,2,3 and died.


So as you can see, while the programme itself is unlikely to cause me
much grief, writing the manual will be a little more of a challenge.

I suppose I could translate it into japanese and then do a direct
retranslation back into english (I do that with song lyrics to keep in
practice and the result can be.... interesting).

I hope my dinosaur calls help unreasonably soon. I'd like to take a shot
at turning on the Heather (wasn't that a great movie).

"It says here he will banish dirt to the land of ghosts and wind."

           (Join with me and die, can you do no less from hell!!)


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