[stella] Idea I just had

Subject: [stella] Idea I just had
From: Nick S Bensema <nickb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 03:16:04 -0700 (MST)
Those of you who have seen South Park will know what I'm talking
about.  Those who haven't, check out

A "Kenny Dies" video game.  

For the South Park impaired, Kenny is one of the four main characters
in the show.  He wears a huge hooded coat that obscures most of
his face and speech.  Since the audience can't understand him, he
can say all those things that most people can't say on TV.  And he
dies in every single episode.

Now, a million classic games involved evading some monster that was chasing
you.  In this game, you'd have to avoid a much sneakier obstacle: fate.

Ways to die would include: getting between the hunter (Jimbo) and a rabbit,
stepping on a springboard while the microwave, ceiling fan, etc. above it
was open or operating.  The possibilities are limited only by... well,
the hardware I guess.

Kenny would be relatively easy to render, I guess, as a 2600 sprite.  When
facing left or right, he's practically a single color thanks to that giant
hood.  When facing the camera, his clothing remain monochrome, while what
little of his face we can see can be represented by the ball if the playfield
isn't being used at his eye level, or by the opposite missile, though the
best results would be by the opposite player.  In any case, it would be one
scanline of forehead, three scanlines of eyes, and one scanline of "nose",
or something similar.

If you can create a sound effect with the RIOT that resembles muffled
speech, that'd help too.

Think it's doable on the 2600?  If not, I'm sure someone would do it.
Perhaps Dondcila would make it his next Vectrex game.  I know Glenn's
been hounding him to make something original... this could be it.
Kenny seems Vectrex-friendly too, and the other fthree main charactes
would probably not look too god on the 2600, though feel free to
prove me wrong.  (It's almost not worth it if you can't work Cartman
in somehow)  So, I'm CC'ing it to PC John.

Good night everybody.

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