Re: [stella] Idea I just had

Subject: Re: [stella] Idea I just had
From: Nick S Bensema <nickb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 18:07:31 -0700 (MST)
>> A "Kenny Dies" video game.  
>Oh my god!  You're gonna kill Kenny!
>You Bastards!!!!!!!
>This game simply must be done.  It would be a riot!  The biggest challenge
>in writing the game would be coming up with 1000 ways for Kenny to die.
>Of course, when Kenny dies (and he *will* die), you could have an invaders
>stage where you try to keep the rats from carrying Kenny's remains away.

I figured most of the game would be a platformer.  That way there would be
an application for springboards other than launching Kenny into a
microwave, ceiling fan, etc.  Ceiling fans would probably be more helpful
to game play than microwaves, since ceiling fans could be turned on or off.

But microwaves are c00ler and could probably be worked into the game.
Perhaps if you collect a food item at the bottom of the screen, microwave
it and give it to Cartman, Cartman will perform some life-prolonging task
like getting the spikes out of the wall, or something.  I don't think
we should make Cartman an enemy... 

in fact, it'd be best for the sake of the game's uniqueness to keep the
hazards indirect for the most part so you're doing a bit more than 
running from the bad guys.  Maybe there would be one bad guy chasing you
around just to keep you from finding a safe spot and hiding out.

>Oh yeah.  I can help with sprites if someone wants to attempt a game...

The question is, can anyone program such a beast?  I don't think a
platformer or maze game has been tried yet.

I half-wish I had stayed in practice a bit more, so I wouldn't be so
useless as a coder right now.

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