[stella] Oystron 2.8

Subject: [stella] Oystron 2.8
From: "Piero Cavina" <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 12:28:45 +0200
After optimizing and rewriting... here it is.
(BTW... now there's 1 byte free for program code, maybe a little more for
data :-)


- look at what the 'dices' can do to your pearls :)
- modified boss phase, it goes away after a while
- new 'warp' phase after the boss
- old-style backround color cycling when the game is in game-over state

- if you want to try the boss immediately, keep the joystick pushed to the
right while starting the game.

With almost no space for new features, it seems that the end is near... do
you think that the game is ready enough for a .bin-only release?


P.S. to avoid any misunderstanding, with the word "end" I don't mean that I
will not touch it ever again. Even after its release, I will continue to
support and tweak the game, at least until it will be put into a cart or

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