Re: [stella] request for comments: RESCUE.BIN

Subject: Re: [stella] request for comments: RESCUE.BIN
From: "Matthew B. Vigor" <mumbv@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 14:22:17 -0500 (CDT)
On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, Greg Troutman wrote:

> 	- build a custom cable to connect a Genesis controller to both joystick
> ports and use two buttons (just kidding ;)

Speaking of building a custom something-or-other, I will ask this question
because I know very, very little about programming stella.  Is it possible
to program a game which checks for joystick combinations that are not
naturally possible, like pushing left and right at the same time?  If so,
a custom keyboard/control panel thing could be made with one button or key

up, up/left, up/right, up/down, up/button, up/left/rt, up/left/down,
up/left/button, up/rt/down, up/rt/button, up/down/button, etc... How do
you calculate the number of combinations?  It's 5!, right?  If so, in
theory, a 120 button control panel device could be made for the 2600.

There must be a reason why Atari didn't do this.  Please enlighten me.

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