Re: [stella] request for comments: RESCUE.BIN

Subject: Re: [stella] request for comments: RESCUE.BIN
From: Chris Wilkson - MCD <cwilkson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 13:14:23 -0700 (PDT)
> > 	- build a custom cable to connect a Genesis controller to both joystick
> > ports and use two buttons (just kidding ;)
> Speaking of building a custom something-or-other, I will ask this question
> because I know very, very little about programming stella.  Is it possible
> to program a game which checks for joystick combinations that are not
> naturally possible, like pushing left and right at the same time?  If so,
> a custom keyboard/control panel thing could be made with one button or key
> representing: 
> up, up/left, up/right, up/down, up/button, up/left/rt, up/left/down,
> up/left/button, up/rt/down, up/rt/button, up/down/button, etc... How do
> you calculate the number of combinations?  It's 5!, right?  If so, in
> theory, a 120 button control panel device could be made for the 2600.

Yeah, you can do this.

I actually designed a 32-key keyboard last year.  Even built a proof of
concept proto...I think it had 4 keys or something.  I used a similar
hardware concept which could have been expanded to (I think) 256 keys, 
and the software would have been pretty simple to implement.  (never got
around to that...)  I'll try to dig up the proto, but I think I cannibalized
it for parts. :(


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