Re: R: [stella] Virtual Pet (demo 1)

Subject: Re: R: [stella] Virtual Pet (demo 1)
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 15:32:29 -0400 (EDT)
In article <199709271213.OAA11099@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, you wrote:

>It shouldn't be difficult to make the hills less 'blocky'... if you post
>that part of code, we could see how it can be done!

sure thing.....

        ldx  #$18	;2	set up sunset variables
	lda  #$04	;2
	sta  COLUPF	;3

sunset	lda  rbow,x	;6	draw the sunset
	sta  COLUBK	;3
	lda  mount,x	;6	draw the mountains
	sta  PF0	;3
	sta  PF1	;3
	sta  PF2	;3
	sta  WSYNC	;3
	dex		;2
	bne  sunset	;3
        ldx  #$08	;2	set up the mountain base variables

mtbase	sta  WSYNC	;3	draw the mountain base
	dex		;2
	bne  mtbase	;3

and the data

rbow	.byte $1a,$1c,$1e,$1c	;data for the sunset
	.byte $1a,$18,$fe,$fc
	.byte $fa,$f8,$2e,$2c
	.byte $2a,$28,$3e,$3c
	.byte $3a,$38,$6e,$6c
	.byte $6a,$68,$9e,$9c
	.byte $9a

mount	.byte $ff,$ff,$fe,$fe	;data for the mountains
	.byte $fc,$fc,$f8,$f8
	.byte $f0,$f0,$e0,$e0
	.byte $c0,$c0,$80,$80
	.byte $00,$00,$00,$00
	.byte $00,$00,$00,$00
	.byte $00

As you can see, the background colour values are different for each line
but the mountains repeat every two lines. This is what makes them look 
blocky. I tried it every one line, but then the mountains don't
look as "majestic". Perhaps if I gradiate their colours from white at
the top (for snow) to black at the base they'll look less blocky.
Single hight mountains look too flat and far away for my liking.

Incidently, the first time I ran this I forgot the WYSNC. The effect was
quite interesting. It was changing the background colours and playfield
graphics in mid scanline. Very interesting effect. One of those things I
stuck away in my "to be exploited later" file. ;)

          (Maybe I should make the mountains purple from hell!!!)


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