Re: [stella] Emulator Hazards

Subject: Re: [stella] Emulator Hazards
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 19:37:15 GMT
>Exactly... this list is very "Bonehead Friendly". ;)
>When I was working on the V-pet, I pulled some even bigger boners which
>caused me no end of grief until I saw what I'd done wrong
>(stupid things like storing to REFP1 instead of RESP1, and with a 
>symetrical sprite too so there was no visual clue other than the fact that 
>my sprite wasn't going where I wanted it to). I was thinking many times
>"boy, I'm glad the guys on the list arn't here to see me do THIS".

Well, the emulators let you step through with a debugger (if the one you're
using doesn't, get a better one... PC Atari 2.0 is excellent) and catch
some of those stupid mistakes :)

>I also discovered that a real 2600 is much more picky about where you put
>the HMOVE command than the Emulator is.

You're supposed to only be able to HMOVE at the beginning of the line...
the docs don't say what happens if you don't, though... and the only way to
emulate it correctly is trial and error :)  (see the Cosmic Ark starfield)

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