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Subject: Re: [stella] Thanks for the enlightenment
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 23:25:52 -0400 (EDT)
In article <9710011837.AA21024@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, you wrote:

>Sorry, but it still looses colour on PAL. And if it would display colours,
>they would be quite different from NTSC. Therefore it would be nice, if
>you could design your program in a way, that lets you add a PAL/NTSC
>switch with differnt colour lookup tables, when you have more time.

I'll likely employ the B/W switch as a NTSC/PAL switch when I've got
the game logic finished. It shouldn't be that hard to impliment, although
a PAL user will have to tell me how the colours look. The clock will also
have to be different in the PAL version as the second counter will be
updated every 50 frames instead of 60.

>Also I can't seem to change the critter graphics with the joystick.

Now that's got me stumped. There shouldn't be any PAL problems with the
joystick. Well there was one bug with the joystick I've got to work out
and that's having it change the variable right when the joystick is pressed
not only after the delay.

But if you hold the joystick in position does the critter change?

                    (Darn critters from hell!!!)


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