Re: [stella] Does this look right? (clock)

Subject: Re: [stella] Does this look right? (clock)
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 19:02:47 GMT
>> Since these things are so popular, and Crackers' version will look much
>> better and potentially have more going on than the keychain variety, it
>> might be reasonable for some giga-fanatic to dedicate a cheap, used TV
>> (and even a UPS!) to try and run his game for a period of *years*.  To
>> help encourage longevity contests, some sort of encryption scheme that
>> verifies how long the creature truly lived could be added.

Well, you'd have to somehow guard against someone running it on an emulator
on a P2-266, setting the emulator to no frame rate restrictions.

>Keychain in pocket.  Feed animal when not at home.
>2600 at home.  Animal die.  Especially during vacation.

So program a kennel into the game.  It'd take some points off the animal's
happiness, and possibly a little bit off its health, but it would let you
go on vacation for a length of time.

>And I'll be damned if I'd ask anybody to housesit a virtual pet.  I got
>one of the first Tamagotchis to hit the state, and the whole concept is
>way overrated, IMO.  Fun for a few days though..

yeah, same here... my sister got one, she played with it for a few days,
now it's just that annoying beeping coming from her room every couple

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