Re: [stella] surf's up proto

Subject: Re: [stella] surf's up proto
From: "Lee R. Krueger" <leekru19@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 20:27:33 -0800
Ruffin Bailey wrote:
> >From "":
> >All-in-all the game is very fun to play. Hopefully the rom image will be
> >released soon (February '98) if all goes well.
> >From Mr. Kruegers post:
> >No, it is not available yet. John and myself have the only known copies
> >of "Surf's Up". I can send you a bin file that works on an emulator, but
> >all that works is the startup title screens.
> When you say that the ROM is not available yet and when your site says
> that the bin will be released, do you mean that Surf's Up is going to be
> public domain?  Just curious.
> As we enter yet another copyright quagmire,  ;)
> Ruffin Bailey
> rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxx

It's going to be as much of part of public domain as any other Atari
2600 ROM image. I don't hold the copywrites and I don't really know who
does, and furthermore, who in the smeg cares. The game wasn't released!!
I was given the game with the understanding that I share it with the
general gaming public. It doesn't contain nudity, violence or language
so why wouldn't I share it. Who's going to lose money if I do. As an
example, I for one would like to play Tempest on the 2600. The powers
that be think their proto will be de-valued if people get ahold of the
rom image. Where in the heck is EWOK Adventure. THESE GAMES WERE MADE TO
BE PLAYED!!! Not stored in peoples closets. Unless, someone can prove to
me they are losing vast amounts of money due to me sharing a game
amoungst friends that would otherwise be forgotten, I will continue to
do so. 

So without further a-do, here it is.


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