Re: [stella] Double-ended carts?

Subject: Re: [stella] Double-ended carts?
From: Nick S Bensema <nickb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 00:23:05 -0700 (MST)
> It would cost over twice as much if you used the same production
> techniques as the other new carts, like Okie Dokie.  Why?  Because you
> would have to scrap double-enders and they are worth more to most
> collectors than your average extra pac-man and berzerk.  If you were to
> work out a way to use common carts and "connect" them into a double-ender,
> the price would still be slightly more than twice the price of a single
> cart.  I much prefer the idea of a 4-in-1 or an 8-in-1 with a 2 or 3
> switch dip.  Over that I prefer a menu-driven cart!  :)

Yes, but if you made your own circuit boards, and molded your own carts,
you could sell two games for not much more, if any more, than a single game.
In theory, you could attach both ends to just one 8K chip to make two 4K

How much of this is practical, I don't know.

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