Re: [stella] Double-ended carts?

Subject: Re: [stella] Double-ended carts?
From: Erik Mooney <emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 17:04:55 -0500 (EST)
> Hmmm.  Assuming a double 16K game, using a 32K ROM and the same BS logic,
> the part tally is the same.  And the price of the "bigger" parts is relatively
> the same.  If you don't mind a shorter double ender...say 4" long instead of
> the typical 6", The board price would be about the same as two individual
> boards, maybe less (fewer cuts to make).

Same thing for an 8k rom with two 4k games?  I'm considering
double-ended carts more for the novelty value than a serious attempt at a
multicart - if all youw ant is multiple games, then you may as well go
with a 128 or 256-game dipswitched multicart.  I was just wondering how
feasible it'd be to make a "deluxe" version of Oystron or something, with
maybe a beta version or Mondo Pong on the other end.  If that costs less
than $2-$3 more than a standard 4k cart, it might be worth doing.. if the
difference is gonna be much more than $4, it wouldn't be practical.

> But...
> Molding new cases is, I think, a little beyond the scope of this project.
> Unless someone here knows something I don't, it's gonna cost BOOKOO BUCKS

Okay, okay, okay... I didn't know anything about this :)

> time consuming with a lot of "do overs".  Might be worth trying, though.
> Another thought is just to cut the end off of Combat carts.  Not to glue
> them together, but to enable them to be a 3.75" double ender.  I'll have
> to look at a cartridge to see if this is feasible.  If there is a lot of
> modification involved in mounting the board it isn't worth it.

This looked pretty difficult to me... no?

> Now, if you just want to do 2 games per cart, here's another possible solution.
> Just use a few bytes to do an immediate bank switch depending on the state
> of the BW/Color switch on powerup.  Maybe latch the value into RAM for games
> bigger than 4K.

Ooh, I see possibilities here if you or someone else gets a bankswitching
design working well and cheaply.  Imagine putting an 8k version of Oystron
in a 16k ROM, and using the other two 4k slots for hidden games - if
joystick button 0 is held down on powerup, it switches to a bank with a 4k
beta version of Oystron.. if button 1 is held down, it switches to a bank
with Mondo Pong.

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