Re: [stella] sexp8.bin Multi-Japanese Sprites.

Subject: Re: [stella] sexp8.bin Multi-Japanese Sprites.
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 13:41:21 GMT
>Well I gave up on the "fine tuned" multisprite move for now and I've gone
>back to doing my non-HMOVE multisprite move.
>Now I've got 19 sprites all moving at different horizontal rates.
>Some problems I still have to work out. For some reason the top of each
>sprite gets cut off in the first few inches of the screen. It also
>pauses slightly on the left hand side.
>(Pause the Kanji on the left hand side...
> Pause the Kanji on the left hand side...) sorry ;)

I'd enjoy it a little bit more if I wasn't convinced it was saying
something rude to or about me, in Japanese :)

>But now that I've gotten this taken care of, I'll work on making a
>fine tuned HMOVE version. But can it be done all on one scanline?
>The SoundX routine was too big.

It can be done in exactly one scanline plus HMOVE, if you use a lookup
table.  Here's my positioning routine.  Player0Pos is a zeropage address,
holding the X-position of the player in standard 0-through-159 format.
HorzTable is a 160-byte table that converts the standard format to
HMOVE-style coordinates.

sta WSYNC           ;begin scanline
ldx Player0Pos      ;+3  3
lda HorzTable,X     ;+4  7
sta HMP0            ;+3 10
and #$0F            ;+2 12
tax                 ;+2 14
P0  dex                 ;+2 16
bpl P0              ;when branch not taken: +2 (18 + x*5)
sta RESP0           ;(21 + x*5)

If you want a line-by-line breakdown and/or the HMOVE table, ask and ye
shall receive.

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