Re: Re: [stella] Games that do bad things to HMOVE...

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Games that do bad things to HMOVE...
From: bwmott@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 08:00:31 -0400 (EDT)
> This program example (about hitting HMOVE at various cycles) is very
> interesting. For the non-Supercharger-owners (like me, unfortunately...)
> it would be interesting to know if the HMOVE blanks, if they appear,
> always appear at the left of the screen, and if they are always 8 pixels
> wide, regardless when HMOVE was hit.

The entries in the table marked with HBLANK generate HMOVE blanks when
HMOVE is hit at the corresponding cycle.  The HMOVE blanks always appear 
at the left of the screen and it looks like they are always 8 pixels wide.

> Also it would be interesting WHEN the horizontal motion is actually
> applied after HMOVE has been hit. If it is applied while the sprite is
> displayed, this could have funny effects, such as stretchening the
> sprite, garbling the sprite data, or whatever...

I'm guessing it's applied when HMOVE is hit, however, I see what
you're getting at.  Right now I think I have the players turned off
while I'm doing HMOVE.  I guess I should leave them on and see what 
happens :-)

> BTW, interesting that you used the label "Ziffern" in your source code,
> which in fact is the german word for "numbers". Will you use japanese
> labels next time?

I borrowed that code from another program.  I've always enjoyed reading
assembly code with german labels and comments from back in my Atari ST 
days :-)


Bradford W. Mott (bwmott@xxxxxxx)          Computer Science Department           North Carolina State University

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