Re: [stella] Beat 'em up 05

Subject: Re: [stella] Beat 'em up 05
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 98 16:20:11 -0500
>I haven't tried BEU05 with Stella 0.7, but it might be the problem
>with the checksum routine. Stella computes the same checksum for
>BEU05 as for an existing game and assumes a wrong bankswitching
>scheme. You might need to edit your STELLA.VCS file to set the
>correct BS method for BEU05.

And then we find some of the limitations of having such a fancy-smacy GUI 
interface on our Macs...  There's no way to change files without the 
source code!  I've emailed Aaron Giles, the fellow who ported Stella to 
the Power Mac (and also helped with the Intellivision emulator for the 
Mac) quite a while ago and didn't get a reply.  I wanted to replace some 
of the Game Sprockets that were taken out for speed, etc so that it would 
be easy to use joysticks (and maybe net-play in the far future) to Stella.

Does anyone know Aaron Giles?  Any way to get a hold of this source, 

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