Re: [stella] Fun

Subject: Re: [stella] Fun
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 99 22:04:01 -0500
Lord Spambraticus of Borg Thundered From His Lofty Heights:
>I do wish I could find some manuals
>for the games, though.  Some aren't completely obvious. 

Well, aren't you in luck, SPAMmy-boy!  I know just the place:
If they ain't there, they probably aren't on the net.  This fellow's done 
a pretty thorough job of combing the net for manuals to put on his site.

Just don't yell at him or, gods-forbid, quote his emails in public.  ;^P  
Not that I'm admitting any of that.  ;^)

>And to those who typed the manuals in; THANK YOU (there, I capitalized 
>it)! I'm sure that we all appreciate the work that you put in...I know 
>that I appreciate it.

I'm not real sure where this falls as far as whether you have to wear a 
patch over you eye to read the manuals (BLARNEY!!!  I'm an Irish 
Pirate!).  I haven't read any of them personally, but I feel certain 
they're there.

Ruffin "Never one to hold a grudge" Bailey

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