Re: [stella] Fun

Subject: Re: [stella] Fun
From: Lee Krueger <leekru19@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 17:46:21 -0800

Lord Spambraticus of Borg wrote:

> As Ruffie O:) once scolded me, we Stella list folk *are* a technical bunch.  If
> you distributed patch details in the classic method (see below), that'd be more
> than enough for us to do it ourselves.
> Something like:
> Patch Offset: $1200, From: 12 34 56 78 , To: DE AD BE EF
> should be fine - succintly carries the information, and provides for patch-
> reversal too.

Yeah, that would of worked just fine for a one of kind proto that nobody else had
access to except me (sacarstic mode off now).

> That should make Big Bad Glenn happy, and a happy Glenn is a happy Stella-List.
> :)
> =R=

I agree, we don't want to get Glenn, or anybody else pissed off. I think he, and
everyone else here has the best of intentions. No harm done in any case. I do wish
that we could have a forum for game mods like this. They are pretty cool and had
we had some sort of game shark back then, it wouldn't. be necessary. Although, Bob
Colbert has given us "Cheateah". I guess they could be posted on the Gametech list
without much reprimand.

In any case, we have detoured form the original intent of this thread. I was just
venting some pent up frustration and wanted to make sure Russell didn't suffer the
same fate as I, as we don't have good ol' Jim Nitchals (bless his soul) around
anymore to pinch hit. Let's get back to some more FUN!!!  Nice going Russell.

Take care,
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