Re: [stella] Fun

Subject: Re: [stella] Fun
From: Lord Spambraticus of Borg <lord-of-hell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 11:04:20 +1000
On Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:33:18 -0800 leekru19@xxxxxxx (Lee Krueger) wrote:

>Now for some bad news, be prepared for a nasty lecture from Glenn. I once
>a bin image of an unreleased prototype on this group, thinking I was doing the
>classic gaming world a favor. Although, what I think you did is quite harmless
>(as did I), just be forewarned that Glenn will probably give you a tongue
>lashing for posting a commercially released bin file on stella. I hope he will
>be a little more tactful than last time.
>In any event, thanks. I rather liked the mod.

Well, since Activision is alive and could in theory sue us over distributing a
modified version of game they haven't sold a copy of in over decade, yah, I
suppose we have to live mindful of such threats.  How about this, as a future
method to distro these things...

As Ruffie O:) once scolded me, we Stella list folk *are* a technical bunch.  If
you distributed patch details in the classic method (see below), that'd be more
than enough for us to do it ourselves.

Something like:

Patch Offset: $1200, From: 12 34 56 78 , To: DE AD BE EF 

should be fine - succintly carries the information, and provides for patch-
reversal too.

That should make Big Bad Glenn happy, and a happy Glenn is a happy Stella-List.



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