Re: [stella] PAL television color

Subject: Re: [stella] PAL television color
From: Robert Blazewicz <blaze@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 12:50:19 -0400
At 07:56 AM 05/31/2000 -0500, Kennehan, Richard wrote:
Does anyone know if Digital TV will do away with the differences between

The core difference from my view point with NTSC vs PAL was cost. Part of the world wanted predictable colors and liked the PAL model. The others wanted to sell a product at a much lower cost and so went with NTSC (never the same color). The cost issues are gone now, but back in the 50's the cost difference was a few hundred dollars.

Will Digital TV eventually be a "universal standard" ?

There are many digital standards used in the TV studios. The broadcast format appears to have gelled into a single standard driven by the economics of the TV manufacturers.


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