Re: [stella] Thrust v0.9

Subject: Re: [stella] Thrust v0.9
From: "Chad & Jennifer Hendrickson" <chadh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 21:03:57 -0500
I just wanted to say...

You have done an EXCELLENT job!

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Subject: [stella] Thrust v0.9

> Hi,
> here is my latest version of Thrust. There's also a 
> manual included, which is based on the original 
> C64-manual. So everyone should know what to do.
> The game is now completely playable with z26, and i 
> hope you enjoy playing and testing it. 
> There are a few questions i still have:
> - I'm using an illegal opcode (lax) for the scrolling
>   effect in the score-display. Only z26 supports these
>   opcodes and i wonder if they work with a real vcs.
>   I haven't found any information in the biglist, so
>   it's up to those who know better...
> - On my computer (doesn't matter which emu) the sound 
>   is terrible, when both circuits are used. Is there
>   a problem with my hardware or the emulation? Or is
>   this a general problem when using both circuits?
> Now that i've crossed the 8K border, i have plenty
> of space left. I'm planing to add one or two extra 
> deep and heavy levels. 
> I could also add another obstacle (what?) besides 
> REVERSE GRAVITY and that even more deadly "something".
> And there should be a rookie and an expert mode, which
> could have different starting-lifes, gravity, gun-fire
> etc. 
> Any more ideas?
> Have fun!
> Thomas
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