RE: [stella] RAM usage

Subject: RE: [stella] RAM usage
From: adavie@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 12:08:42 +1000
Yes I'm aware 7 x 32 = 224.  Having a busy day at work.
224/8 = 28 bytes

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Subject: RE: [stella] RAM usage

Why do you say (assume?) that Video Chess uses 64 bytes for board position?
I could do it with 32 by simply having one byte for each PIECE, and
recording its square number
But each square only numbers from 0-63, so you only need 7 bits
Haven't wee been thru all this before?  7 bits x 32 pieces = 214 bits / 8 =
27 bytes approx.
I'm sure there are lots more efficient codings possible.

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The TIA reference says there are 45 reserved hardware registers.  These are 
mapped into the 128 bytes, right?

So that means a game like Video Chess, which uses 64 bytes for board 
position, only has 19 free bytes for the program and the stack, right?

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