Re: [Re: [stella] miniaturization]

Subject: Re: [Re: [stella] miniaturization]
From: guy fellows <guyvf@xxxxxxx>
Date: 2 Jul 00 21:46:45 CDT
Pete Holland <petehollandjr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Not just the Game Axe, a dandy little device I would
> love to get, but remember the Game Gear is nothing
> more than a portable Master System.  

not quite. the game gear handles colors and cartridge
memory differently than the SMS. the GG has twice as
many colors (ottomh) but cannot access as large a 

> I thought I had
> read that Majesco was going to release the Game Gear
> for about $30 using the same marketing strategy they
> used on the Genesis 3, but since there has been no new
> Genny titles after Frogger and Majesco's site doesn't
> even mention the Genny 3, I'm guessing that fell
> through.

i will keep my fingers crossed.
> Still, that notion also provides a ray of hope.  Think
> about it:  a $30 Game Gear, which has a color screen,
> and the TV Tuner, if I recall correctly, had video and
> audio inputs.  So there should be a way, if only the
> secret could be found.

from what i understand of the tv tuner, it has no software,
and so will not respond to button presses - so you would 
have to put the fire button and joysticks on the cartridge,
which is more than just a little clumsy.

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