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Subject: RE: [stella] Stella @ 20
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 19:37:42 -0700
At 08:38 PM 8/26/2000 -0500, you wrote:
I am guessing that the Stella volumes are not going to be put on DVD anytime
soon?  I got to thinking about this after I ordered Volume I, I have heard
that the average life of a VHS tape is about 7 years.  I am hardcore enough
about this that I will want to view these tapes far into the future.

It's too expensive right now. If I did put it on DVD I'd want it to be a hybrid DVD/DVD-ROM so I can put all sorts of multimedia and random access stuff in there. I am aware that VHS is on its last legs but I think it will be some time before independent video producers can economically switch over to it. I'm also wondering what the future of DVD will be when HDTV finally arrives. Or maybe something will come down the pike that is uncompressed or lossless compressed rather than the fairly heavy 5:1 compression of DVD. I am sick to death of orphaned video formats.

Also, I'd definitely go back and re-edit it for DVD rather than just digitizing the master tapes. So it wouldn't be the exact same thing. Even though it took forever to finish, I still didn't do everything I would have liked with Stella, as far as the fancy transitions and effects and composites and diagrams and stuff.

The raw tapes are stored on BetaSP. I had the opportunity to shoot in DV but I chose BetaSP because it's uncompressed (i.e. analog). Plus at the time DV foramts were so chaotic I didn't want to lock it into an orphaned tape format. It's amazing how well the tapes have held up even though they are 3 years old. There aren't too many dropouts in there, although the few I do see drive me insane.

It should eventually get bumped to an uncompressed digital format down the road.

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