[stella] Re P2plus ?

Subject: [stella] Re P2plus ?
From: John Harvey <harvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 00:17:08 -0500

P2plus is not what it seems.  I decompiled it into pieces (2 4K snippets, a 2K
snippet, and the 255 byte LFSR code), and checked it against the actual
Pitfall 2 code, and guess what?  The second 4K snippet, the 2K code and the 255
byte code are all identical.  It appears that this person has only modified the
first 4K section.... so I looked deeper. This guy has modified only the boulder
placement :LDC66 to LDC85 and the basic map (LDCC7 - LDDC6).  So, it's not what
it seems.  There are map problems other than the reappearing objects.  If you
go all the way to the right, and up, you can't go right through a wall space.

I have looked at Pitfall 2's code for awhile, and David Crane has done a hell
of a lot to hide his tracks in this code.  I've always envisioned a Pitfall 2
clone,  with a different map, but it will VERY difficult to do (way above
simple graphics-altering tricks).

Upon first read, it looked like this was advertising a new "proto", being
advertised as a beta version.  I find this poor wording.  Be not misled.  This
is a cheesy hack, that is lacking a lot currently.  I highly doubt the time
will be taken to finish it.

Hmm... Or, I may just be grouchy because my modem is dead, and I keep zapping
it with a cardio-machine.

-John K. Harvey

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