Re: [stella] Pitfall 2+?

Subject: Re: [stella] Pitfall 2+?
From: "John K. Harvey" <jkharvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 08:13:30 -0500
>I tried it. It's just like he says.. unfinished :-) Maybe he should have 
>started with a simpler game. But I think that it's a nice idea to rewrite 
>"worlds" and levels of existing games. It's much better (and more 
>difficult) than just hacking graphics.

I think my most recent message got filtered.  So, here's my take:

I've been looking at Pitfall 2 for some time now... what this guy did was
elementary.  He did nothing on the second 4K bank, the 2K bank, or th 255
byte LFSR.  He only altered the first 4K bank.  When I disassembled it, and
compared it to the original source code, all that he did was alter
LDC66-LDC85, or boulder placement, and LDCC7-LDD86, or the map.  Though the
idea of a new map is cool, I think David Crane started coding more
difficultly after lame graphics hacks started ripping him off (i.e.
Dschungel By or Tom Boy).  The source code for Pitfall 2 is quite hard to
understand in some places.  I doubt that this guy will get anywhere, as in
its current stage, I consider the work a mere graphics hack; nothing more.

-John K. Harvey

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