Re: [stella] Clones

Subject: Re: [stella] Clones
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 19:40:37 -0500
At 6:44 PM +0100 10/7/00, Thomas Jentzsch wrote:
>i was always wondering, how many real different games
>where programmed for the 2600.  [...] i wrote a little
>Borland Pascal program which compares rom-dumps.

I agree with the other posters; this is pretty neat.

>Though these tests are far from being perfect, they
>should help to get some answers about the history
>of those roms:
>- which original rom was used for a clone/hack?

And to see exactly where the logo is in cases where
just the logo was hacked.  That way I could rehack it
and introduce a line of RussVision games.  :-)

>- were has code been reused for different games
>(Brick-Kick and Pac Man, Mythicon)?

Did you cross compare every game to every other then?

If I had "abundant resources" I'd get a SQL system up
and running with every known game ROM, and start looking
for differences in released and/or pirated games.  See
how many actual different programs were out there.  I
think 1075 is probably a bit on the small side just
because most variations won't have been dumped.
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