[stella] I made it here, finally!

Subject: [stella] I made it here, finally!
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 10:23:16 +0100

I'm new to the list, thought I introduce myself a bit in my first mail.
It's only fair I think, since I know you all from the archives :-)

I'm 26 years old, located in germany (That explains my bad english
hopefully) and normally code CTI- Client/Server Applikations for the
Tenovis (former Bosch Telecom) Callcenter. 

I recently re-discovered all this Atari - Fun I had in my childhood via
emulation and started collecting that stuff again on flea-markets (I've
now the Keyboard controllers, which I didn't get for X-Mas '82! :-)).
Then I found all these Homebrew games and located this list as the
origin of most of these and decided to join it.

I was very good in coding C64 stuff some 10 years ago and I find myself
getting very fast familiar with the stella concepts.

Things I'm doing ATM:

- My main goal is to port Exidys 'Star Fire' from the C64 to the 2600.
I'm halfway through with disassembling the C64 version.
- In order to understand the basic concepts of doing this game on the
Atari, I started to reverse-engineer 'Starmaster' being not only the
best 2600 game in this genre, but very similar to 'Star Fire'. I'm
aprox. 5% into the game now, most interesting thing I discovered so far
is how the map works.
- Then I'm going through all the code posted to the list, to learn,
learn & learn... (this will eventually result in some special holiday
binary from me for the list, there's a very funny idea I had, I'm sure
you'll love it!)

So, enough introducing, some little things I want to ask for:

- I'm curious what other people on the list are currently working on,
please tell me/us! (Uh... I said 'us' in my first mail...)

- I'm searching as much reverse engineered code from original games as I
can get, so if someone wants to share his attempts with me, please mail
them to me. (the usual ones from Nicks page plus Solaris I already


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