Re: [stella] I made it here, finally!

Subject: Re: [stella] I made it here, finally!
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:07:41 +0100
Mark De Smet wrote:

> Welcome!  I hope you get addicated enough to stick around and write some
> games!

We'll see. At the moment I'm spending every free minute on it.
> > - In order to understand the basic concepts of doing this game on the
> > Atari, I started to reverse-engineer 'Starmaster' being not only the
> Unless you need a lot of examples on how sceens are drawn or code
> structures(which it sounds like you have plenty of exerience), I would not
> spend to much time reverse engineering code.  

I find it just intersting to see how other people think and learn their
tricks and then see if I can do better. What I'm very curious about
'Starmaster especially, is why there's only one enemy ship at a time. It
should be possible to have two enemies at once I think. When you use the
ball for the starfield, the missiles for the laser & the crosshair, one
should be able to have two enemies at once, even when they're both
firing at you. Just let them always fly on different horizontal lines.
This is my theory. So now the Starmaster code has to prove me wrong or
I'll have an improved space combat sequence in my game :-)

> I think it would be more
> efficient taking Bensema's "How to draw a playfield" or my basic
> framework(which I believe is in the archive; Nick's is a better learning
> tool) and playing around with it. Compile it, see how it works, add a
> player object, move it, update the playfield more, etc.  I think learning
> by exeperience is much more useful.  Of course, this assumes that you have
> read the stella programmers guide, and something about 6502 assembly.

You're right, I'm doing such things, too. I'm constantly switching
between the three tasks I listed in my first mail and more, trying to do
everything at once. ATM most of the time I'm working on the secret
holiday binary, which is most challenging and going on very quick. I'm
sure everybody here will love it, being sort of an hommage to the early
works of this list. (Hehe, making everybody more & more curious :-))
> The current project that I've been working on, is what I'm calling Caves
> 2600.

I read about it, but haven't tried your code 'till now. As long as I
wasn't on the list, I simply went through it in chronological order. Now
that I get the mails regularly, I'll have a careful eye on actual
things. So I'm ready for your next version!
> I have not heard of other projects, anyone?

Is it just a lack of ideas or all people on the list are fallen asleep
or to much 'real life management'?
> Of course, Thomas just released what I consider, IMHO, the second best VCS
> game out there, second only to Pitfall2.

You're refering to Thrust. I've played it a while, but didn't get even
past the first level. I think the main obstacle was that I didn't read
the manual, though. I'll give it another go soon, then hopefully knowing
what I've to do :-)
(My favourite game ATM is Starmaster, of course. Though I haven't yet
managed to get enough points for a highest level patch...)
> I'll look forward to hearing about your project.

Same here with Caves!


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