[stella] RV: Hello....

Subject: [stella] RV: Hello....
From: "Gonzalo" <gonzalorf@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 12:25:56 -0300

Hi, I am new in that list. I suscribe myself because since I re-discovered 2600 with the emulators I became so passionate, and the idea of programming turn me odsessed. I am 20 years old, and I played atari until 13 (when I bought Nintendo). I'm a C++ programmer, so I like so much programming. I study systems engineering  in University.
First, I hope to be welcome to the List, I must say that I don't speak english very well, is not easy to me read especifications. But I have read all documentation avaible in Internet, I' familiarized with the parts of 2600, opcodes, etc.
I have my firt question: how I use DASM?.... I just can't compile codes... today in the morning I compiled solaris... because I read this in some page: "dasm source.s -f3 -osource.bin". Tell me please: what is -f3? what others parameters there is?
If I use Distella to disassemble binaries I can't compile later with DASM... why? which are the parameters should use?
Thank you so much. Gonzalo.
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