[stella] QB, getting there...

Subject: [stella] QB, getting there...
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 02:31:19 +1100
Attached, current version of my 'demo' Qb.  I hope to take it to completion
as a game

There are a few things I haven't fixed, or am having trouble with...

1) The routine ScoreLine isn't currently called.  It's supposed to be a
6-digit score routine, but when I run it in a standalone its OK, but when
run with different (preliminary) timing here, it just don't work.  Currently
commented out... include it to see what I'm talking about.  The timing just
doesn't make sense to me.

2) Sprite horizontal positioning... is screwed when the above is included...
i need to position the sprites in a dedicated routine just before screen
display.  I'll get a round tuit.

ROM is used to about $FD00 - ie: I have about 3 pages (750 bytes or so)
left.  RAM is pretty full, and you'll note the overlays are now possibly
overlapping the stack area (!) - but this shouldn't cause a problem, really.
The main problem was the addition of the 6 2-byte vars for the score
routine.  mmmh.  Still, the overlay system is working nicely and is easy to
use.  Note: I changed the ROM origin from $F000 to $1000 just so I could
read the addresses in PCAE's debugger screen without converting :)

Creature AI systems are installed... for the creatures are needed graphics,
and a dedicated routine for each 'mode' the creature is in.  Its pretty
simple, but powerful... at the end of the code.  The mode system implements
the delays after jumping, the end of screen pause, etc., etc.

Apart from fixing a few niggly things (the 6-digit score, a few screen
jiggles, etc.), I'm pretty much ready to start installing creatures and AI =
gameplay.  Gameplay consists of various nasties, effects, etc., which make
it difficult to complete.

I'm very interested to hear ideas for baddies and what they should do :)

Included in this post, the source code.  I'm throwing it TOTALLY OPEN to
discussion - if you feel that you can make improvements, or have any
suggestions - please comment to the list.  Any savings of ROM space
especially welcome.  So, anyone.... comments/suggestions/criticisim?

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