Re: [stella] And now, something completely different... JAMMED v0.1

Subject: Re: [stella] And now, something completely different... JAMMED v0.1
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 09:59:46 +0100
Hi Thomas!

> Use the LEFT DIFFICULTY switch to change the cursor
> mode. Tell me please, which mode you like more, if I'm
> running out of space I might have to drop one.

Uhm... actually I don't see any difference when hitting F5/F6 on Z26.
The mode it does on startup is working brilliant though.
> This is not a new Thrust, but I hope you like this
> version too. If you have any questions, just ask.

Excellent work as usual Thomas! Congratulations!
I even managed to finish the first level in 10 seconds without reading
the manual :-)

> BTW: I think, I'm the guy with the "secret plans", because, when 
> I started this project, I did talk about it to Manuel.

You're right, but JAMMED was only 50% of the secret plans, IIRC :-)

As for sound, what about something similar to the 'honk' noises from
If you think about an ongoing playing melody, please don't forget about
a switch for turning it OFF. After a while the best tunes get annoying. 
If I may suggest a tune, I'd love to hear the VCS doing 'Route 66'. 
You don't need to beat Depeche Mode on that, but it'd be cool anyway :-)


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