Re: [stella] [POLL] So, what are you working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] [POLL] So, what are you working on?
From: "Dennis Debro" <dnsdebro@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 16:47:41 -0500
I never introduced myself to the group so I thought this was a good time to do this.
I recently, about a year ago, regained interest in the Atari2600.  My wife and I were watching our nephew play my brother's Playstation and got to thinking that our son would eventually want to play video games too.  Instead of bombarding our son with buttons we decided to buy a 7800.  In 2600 mode one stick, one button, no confusion.  Of course he can't get any real enjoyment out of it yet because he's 15 months old but his daddy can.
After purchasing the 7800 I began to have my old childhood dreams of programming a 2600 cartridge.  Of course I started searching the net as anyone would do nowadays and I found the Stella list.  I began reading the list and was fascinated with the programs that were being produced.  So with the Stella list as my reference I decided to try programming a birthday cartridge for my son's first birthday.  My main sources of information came from Nick's "How to Draw a Playfield", Matt's displaying a rainbow in his name, and Matt's demo of using an asymmetric playfield.  I was able to produce something even though it was not very efficient (I really believe this could be condensed to 2K) but I'll share the binary to the list anyway.  This was my very first attempt at writing 6502 assembler code.  I've always wanted to learn it when I used to program my 800XL but just didn't take the time.
Anyway on to the true response to this post.  I was actually thinking of writing two games as a exercise for myself.  One was a port of J.D. Caston's Atari computer game Box-In.  You've seen many variations of this before I'm sure.  The object is to push some blocks around the playfield and surround a monster in the least amount of time possible.  And the other was a 2600 version of Nibbler by Rockola.  I love playing this game on MAME and I thought my son would enjoy it on the Atari.  Now these projects seem pretty big to a Smalltalk programmer that hasn't dealt with 6502 assembler very long but they were going to be just a hobby to see if I could do it.  But with deadlines on my current job, working 50-60 hour work weeks, and spending time with my family I just can't get them off the ground.  Anyone else want to tackle these?
Well, I've done enough babbling for the list.  Here is my binary and I hope to see some really great games from the list.
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Subject: [stella] [POLL] So, what are you working on?

> Hi again!
> When I was new to the list (more than three months ago :-)), I was
> asking what everybody was working on. Now, I'd just like to repeat that
> question, to update my database :-)
> Ok, I know that Mr Colbert is working on producing little Colberts, I
> know what Andrew is doing, I know even some secret plans from another
> guy, but what is the rest on?
> Tell me!
> Mark: What about 'Caves 2600'?
> John: 'Pressure Gauge 2' news?
> Joe: On your webpage I see that your nameless(?) game was recently
> updated. How are you progressing?
> Russel: What about Yahtzee?
> Anyone already started 'Jumpman 2600'? :-)
> Greetings,
> Manuel
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