Re: (fwd) Re: [stella] GunFight 2600: One Limit Reached!

Subject: Re: (fwd) Re: [stella] GunFight 2600: One Limit Reached!
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 10:50:25 +0100
Erik Mooney wrote:

> Your way is faster by only 2 cycles (because you can remove the CLC.)
> However, this version was posted to the list some time after that archived
> message.  After the subtraction, do
> AND #$FC
> which is exceedingly clever and short.  That does exactly what we want -
> if A is between 0 and 3 before the AND, the zero flag will be set, and so
> ENAMx will be enabled.  This only works if your missile height is a power
> of two, though.

Cool. So it _will_ be a power of two :-)
> > >But still... wouldn't it be best to make the missile yellow like the
> > >background, where there is no gun? The only other object actually
> > >crossing that *invisible* missile would be the ball. Can't the ball just
> > >have a higher priority than the misslie?

> Unfortunately, no.  You can only give the ball a higher priority than the
> players, if you don't mind the playfield also having a higher priority.

Aha. Would work then! I don't intend to use the playfield, so it may
have any priority.

I'm thinking of doing something very crazy... we'll see

Greetings & thanks,

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