[stella] Gunfight TWG

Subject: [stella] Gunfight TWG
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:01:54 +0100
Erik Mooney wrote:

> Glenn's idea is a great one.  As for the player graphics, don't draw them
> from a overhead view Frogger style... rather, draw them from a
> sort-of-angled viewpoint.  The whole thing could look quite a bit like
> Tennis, with guns :)  And you could create a pretty convincing 3D effect
> by clever designing and scaling of obstacles in the center.

Hi there,

I'm responding to Eriks mail, since it comes closest to my own visions
at the moment.

There's some major disadvantages regarding turning the TV 90°, which
seems to have escaped most of you:

The colors are shifted 90° too + my sprites are 19 Pixel long, which is
some more than 8.

- The idea would perfectly work with 8x8 monocolor sprites, though.

Besides, I want to have that game on cart some day and play it on the
real thing. And my $$$$ TV will NOT be turned by 90° !!! :-)

I like that 'Tennis With Guns', or as I described it yesterday 'Commando
Deathmatch' approach really and just started redesigning the whole
concept under that aspect. 

Some features I had in mind for the old approach just have to be skipped
(Now, since it's dead, I can tell you :-)):

- I can't realize 5 gun angles anymore. The "sort-of-angled" view I've
in mind would work best with just three angles.
- Zooming: I thought about making all objects smaller when going 'Up'
and bigger when going 'down'. In the demos I sent, you've seen the
maximum sizes. From the new point of view that doesn't make sense
anymore. But the possible 3D effect Erik describes might be a nice

But some features might even work better with the new one and I'm
already thinking about some new one's like some special playfield
wall-structures for example... can't tell you more now... You'll see.

The redesigning proccess will take one or two weekends, so don't expect
too much new demos until then :-)

As for the kernel, I try going back to 1LK / Non-flickering (since you
all seem to hate it... You're not playing 'Star Wars' very often, do
you? :-)), but of course I've already some thoughts to (hopefully) make
you WOW nevertheless. :-)

So, wach out for 'Gunfight TWG'!
(Hehe, I love that: Tennis With Guns! What a cool name for a 2600 game!
Thanks Erik!)


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