Re: [stella] Turtles (was: And now, for my next trick...)

Subject: Re: [stella] Turtles (was: And now, for my next trick...)
From: Pete Holland <petehollandjr@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 16:49:49 -0800 (PST)
Well, I don't think the graphics have to be that
exacting.  Frogger was excellent, with or without its
limitations.  Maybe Turtles can still work even though
some razzle dazzle would have to go.

--- Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Let's take this from top to bottom...

Ready.  Go blue!
> The playfield can't have another background color
> than the border is, unless
> it would be 160 pixels wide, which it isn't in your
> shot (only 112 pixels).

Well, how about this:  First, maybe scale back the
number of boxes as well as the number of bugs.

Next, draw the maze and boxes with playfield graphics,
skip the question marks.  Make the boxes like this:

X  X

With the gap indicating which way you go in, and then
blank out the middle once it's open.  From a
functionality standpoint, that would still get across
what the boxes are and how they are accessed without
(hopefully) taxing the graphics processor.  This could
also handle the bomb replentish in the middle of the

The bug bombs can be drawn with missile graphics still
enabling collision detection (were you allowed to drop
more than one at a time?  When I play, it never occurs
to me to try).  Maybe use the ball to depict the baby
turtles, since making the playfield a different color
from the turtle will make it show up so you can see if
you are carrying cargo.

Mama turtle, PO graphic, simple.

The beetles are the tough one since there is more than
one of them on the same horizontal line occasionally
and, if the maze is made horizontal instead of
vertical, rotated 90 degrees, the likelyhood of that
goes up.  Maybe not flicker so much as partially
drawing, like I saw happen occasionally in Amidar. 
That will keep the action moving.  Only fully draw the
one closest to the turtle?

> And please, include the music from the original! I
> loved those tunes already
> back then and even did a song out of them (where
> these melodies were mingled
> with tunes out of Amidar, and with Simon &
> Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson").

I would gladly do without sound effects for the
charming tunes.  This was probably the biggest
disappointment with the 2600 version of Amidar.  I
liked that carnival music.  By the way, did you do a
"full instrument" soundtrack to what you wrote above,
and where can I get one?

Dobre utka,
Pete Holland Jr.

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