Re: [stella] Turtles (was: And now, for my next trick...)

Subject: Re: [stella] Turtles (was: And now, for my next trick...)
From: "Clay Halliwell" <clay.h@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 19:04:33 -0600
From: <Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <stella@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 2:10 AM
Subject: [stella] Turtles (was: And now, for my next trick...)

> Clay Haliwell wrote:
> >You'd need a good single-line-res sprite-multiplexer to drive it though.
> Sprite Multiplexer? Never heard of such a device...

Are you joking? That's what those routines are called that create the
illusion of more than 2 players by flickering.

> The playfield can't have another background color than the border is,
> it would be 160 pixels wide, which it isn't in your shot (only 112

I was thinking you could change the background color from black to purple
(and back again) where it crosses under the playfield. Not a huge quality
loss if it isn't doable though.

> The question signs, if you display multiple on one line, would have to
> flicker. A solution to that would be to make the walls 8 pixels wide

Yeah, this is one of those unfortunate times where the game almost, but not
quite, meshes with the hardware. You'd really have to butcher the mazes to
get them to work with player cloning.

> The red eyes of the creatures also look unrealistic. If moving left and
> right, they could be done with a missile of the red players (but what
> multiplexing then?), but when moving up and down, there would have to be
> missiles next to each other, which is quite impossible, other than
> flickering, which doesn't look very good.

I was thinking that missiles would be used for the eyes, and I was also
thinking that you could double-width just the missiles to cover both eyes,
but now that I think more about it I realize that you can't do that. D'oh.

> Still, the kidturtle being on the big one could be displayed with the


> but the question here is if there's enough cycles in the kernal to do it.

There's a nice wide border for packing extra cycles in. :)

> Finally, the bottom display... it seems to be two six-chars next to each
> other, which is also impossible, unless you let them flicker.

Actually it's two 4.3-chars. Doable? I give 50-50 odds.

> And please, include the music from the original! I loved those tunes

If someone ever actually starts this, I'm sure they'll try to include the

> P.S. Are there any screenshots of the Ebivision version of Pac-Man
> somewhere?

I've got any MPG of it. It was recorded from one of the Videogame Expos. I
forget where I downloaded it.

Okay, now pick apart the 2600 Ladybug fake. Yikes!

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