Re: [stella] The Core revisited

Subject: Re: [stella] The Core revisited
From: Lee Krueger <resqsoft@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 17:49:30 -0800
Glenn Saunders wrote:

> At 12:52 AM 3/10/2001 -0600, you wrote:
> >The damn thing is, I'm still not convinced it was intentionally a scam.
> >Has anyone been able to prove that screen shot isn't real?  Seems like
> >a very strange, elaborate scheme for what probably wasn't THAT much
> >money.  And why would he bother accepting carts as part of the payment?
> I'm convinced the game was written.  The screenshots looked authentic to me.
> It wasn't designed to be a scam, not that it makes a difference.  It's just
> that at some moment he decided he wouldn't or couldn't deliver the product,
> and pocketed the money or forgot about us.

He didn't FORGET about us. He ripped us off. Maybe not intentially at first.
The way I figure it, he took about $3000 (if he took money for all 50 carts).
He took our money fruaduantly, regardless of his intentions.

> I still think the game could be released if someone managed to track the
> guy down and give him a guilt trip.  He might release the ROM image.

Just gert me a valid address I can send to the WA State DA's office.. and a
baseball bat ; -)


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